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For Forever Homes

At the Essex Ferret Welfare Society we always have lots of ferrets looking for a new home. The majority of ferrets will be neutered and they can also be microchipped.
Below are details of a selection of ferrets that are ready for rehoming. Unless we know for sure the date of birth we list it as 1st May, as most ferrets are born in May.
Remember if you have not kept ferrets before, or are unsure if they are suitable for you and your circumstances, please contact us to discuss your options and explore every possibility. We are keen to make sure that both the ferrets and new keepers are happy with the arrangement.
We do request a minimum donation towards the cost of neutering, food etc. Castrated Hobs £40, Spayed Jills £50, Vasectomised Hobs £60.


Bert and Ernie

Hob (Male)
Colour : albino and silver

For rehoming- this double act are Bert and Ernie, a pair of older hobs that are aged around 5 years. They have not yet been neautered but not shown any sign of the usual behaviour that unneatured male ferrets kept together would show, however neutering can be arranged as required. We would prefer these to be homed as a pair.


Jill (Female)
Colour : Sandy

Anya is a sandy jill who prefers to live with the hobs she doesn't seem to like other jills! She is aged around 3 years and has been spayed and chipped. We would prefer for Anya to be rehomed to an experienced ferret owner.


Jill (Female)
Colour : Polecat

Delilah, a lovely Jill who is under a year old, she has been spayed and chipped but is very shy around other ferrets so introduction to other ferrets will need to be taken slowly.

Missy and Mia

Jill (Female)
Colour : Black eyed White and Polecat

Missy and Mia a pair of gorgeous jills looking for their forever home, they are aged between 3-4 years and we would prefer for these to be homed together. They have not yet been spayed, but this will be done before they are rehomed,


Hob (Male)
Colour : Silver

Frank is a lively silver hob aged between 3-4 years. Frank has not yet been neutered so can be castrated or vasectomised as per your requirement.

Mille,Molly, Mandy

Jill (Female)
Colour :

Millie, Molly and Mandy a lovely trio of jills aged between 2-3 years old they live happily together and have previously been worked, they have been spayed and chipped


Jill (Female)
Colour : Albino

Snowflake an albino Jill, found by a dog walker, as she was found in the freezing snowy conditions being reported as seen but not caught for a week she would have died if not found in time she is aged between 1-2 years and prefers her own company. She will be spayed and chipped before homing.


Hob (Male)
Colour : Sandy Mitt

Rosie, Tommy and Jim all live together as part of a large group of ferrets including Suki and are under a year old, they have been neutered and chipped, pictured is Jim


Jill (Female)
Colour : albino

Elsa an albino Jill, aged between 1-2 years she has been spayed and chipped. Elsa does not get on with other ferrets and would make an ideal house ferret where she can be given plenty of love and attention.